To Hell and Back Gulf Trip

Well hello all! Got back a week last Friday from the Great Gulf Fishing Trip all safe and in one piece! Had a ball; just absolutely love being out bush miles from the nearest habitation. No houses, no roads, no phones no anxiety, no worries; just bush and dust and wind and mozzies and flies and the moon and stars. Love it! Can't wait to "go bush" again! My sort of lifestyle, I think. We were 65km from the nearest Station homestead East of Boroloola near the Robinson River in the Northern Territory. Took 4 days drive to get there and 4 days back, about 6,000km round trip. Got well bogged once and took over 4hours to get the heavy trailer  free! 10 days at our base camp miles from anyone with our own little mangrove lined creek giving access to the big River estuary. Signs of Crocs, but only one sighting. Caught lots of fish: Barra, Jew, Mangrove Jack, Cod, Salmon, Bream, Queen and others, but only one crab sadly. Ate fresh fish every night. Painted 12 watercolours and 3 acrylic paintings. All most enjoyable.
Here are some pics. Enjoy. Cheers from me.

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