Penguins in Nambour.

I discovered penguins on ice underground in Nambour last weekend at the "Back to Nambour" festival. It took me seven and a half hours to dig them out!

Eumundi chalk art.

Here are two examples of chalk art on the road at Eumundi Markets on Saturdays.

Chalk the walk pavement art.

I won peoples choice at a recent festival on the gold coast with this entry called "Digging for Freddo". Chalk on canvas done inside coz the weather outside was too wet.

Jessica's dream.

Keeping a nautical theme in mind I ended up with this result which I donated for auction to help raise funds for Jessica Watson's solo around the world attempt this year. Go to

Camel with two humps.

Another painting just following squiggles to see where they go. The camel and the humpback whales were actually in the squiggles almost as you see them.

Into the realm of the sea dragon.

A surrealistic oil painting, one of my first ventures into imaginary realism(sounds pretty la-de-dar-di, huh?)

A journey through the landscape.

One of my new style of paintings, sort of imaginary surrealistic.
I really enjoy doing these; I just start with squiggles and follow shapes as they appear with no rhyme or reason.
Mum and my sister Nena(happy birthday Nena)are holidaying in England while we look after Mums friend Buddy. Here is Buddy with his chook!

Traffic Signal Box Nambour

This is a traffic signal box I painted in Nambour in May.
It is on the corner near the RSL; painted as part of an urban beautification project run by QLD state gov.
I thought my happy little frogs would add a bit of cheer to the street! and they do!!!


Well howdy doody y'all. I have arriven !

This is where I will be posting all those random thoughts and sketches in the life of Brian --me.

Who knows what will eventuate-- I don't... so I'll just bumble along and see what happens.

Should be fun and EXTRAORDINARILY informative. So welcome; look me up anytime and don't miss out!!!

Here is a link to my website so you can see where I've been. I have been a bit slack updating my website, so here are a couple of my recent paintings. Cheers.

homage to tibrogargan oil on canvas 1200mmx1500mm

fantasy in floral oil on canvas 1200x1800