Painted Surfboards

I am at last getting into a project that has been waiting for ages...Painted Surfboards. I find old damaged boards that have "retired" from surfing and I give them a new career as wall art. These will be for sale at Eumundi Markets on Saturdays. These are the first few boards.
this pastel sketch won a Highly Commended at the recent Kenilworth Art Exhibition

These examples of my Life Drawing studies in charcoal and brush and ink. I attend a Life drawing group regularly; very important for keeping drawing skills fine tuned.

update OCT 2010 some recent paintings and sketches

about time I added more of my recent efforts and projects. Here are some.This is The Daydreamer.ALL MY ART IS FOR SALE... Contact me on 07 5476 3010 or Mob 0415 839 184 or visit THE ART BANK Gallery in the centre of Eumundi.Koala guitar, to accompany the sax below...

Koala,but sad..

The Lady with the Kettle... still working on this one; inspired by Rubens

"Feeling Old" an ancient survivor..

"Do not Disturb" !Acrylic on Canvas

A bit of fun with Mona in the Mountains...(she needed a holiday on the sunshine coast)

My latest surreal effort 1200x1500mm

Fun at Surfers

Went to Surfers Paradise last weekend with three other artists and had some fun with a circus theme.
This was my effort which shortly after this photo was taken, got drenched and smudged by the rain! ah, such is life.

Puff the Dragon at Eumundi

This pavement art of mine won first prize and Peoples Choice at last months Body Art Carnival in Eumundi.I didn't enter the body art sections, but I entered the art competition with a painting called "Fantasy"

Recent artworks.

A surfboard painted for hanging on the wall. A good end for a board that had been snapped in two.
(above) Lost in Spaces. Just finished this one 1200mmx1500mm in Oils, bit surreal, fun to do.

continuation 3D eumundi pavement art

This is what the lady on the flying carpet looks like from the side.
(above)I have begun a second 3D artwork promoting the Eumundi Body Art Carnivale
(above)completed promotional 3D art for the coming Eumundi Body Art Carnivale

more 3D at eumundi

Wet weather has slowed progress at Eumundi, but "the Bridge" is almost complete except for some more details and highlights which will eventually be added.
In the meantime, I am doing some promotional art for the coming Body Art Carnivale to be held on the 14th, 15th and 16th of May. The picture shows progress to date, halted due to wet weather.Cheers for now. Brian.

Eumundi 3D art

Eumundi 3D progress 30-01-10

Hi to all, and thanks for the interest shown at the Eumundi Market. Today I put in some more detail on the stall tent roofs and brightened up the footpath edges. Still more can be done to add to the realism, we will see what happens as time permits. Cheers, Brian.

Most recent painting

Just to move away from my street art for a moment, here is a picture of my latest painting titled "Jack". It is painted with Oils on Canvas and is 1200mm by1500mm in size. I enjoy surrealism and imaginary realism so will be painting more works in this style.

Eumundi 3D art progress

As you can see, the white pillars are now gone, only took 5 hours to paint out(they were over 12 meters long). Much simpler to see the 3D image now.
Time to start adding people and some more realistic colouring.
Another lady, gotta go, more later. Cheers, Brian.

Eumundi 3D progress 20-01-10

A note from me, the artist: I have had a few comments about the four white columns. These were intended to be an "impossible illusion" such as drawn by an artist called Escher. (He was known for his drawings of impossible architecture, such as the steps that don't get anywhere). In my artwork,the pillars stand behind the bridge at the top, but in front of the bridge at the bottom; which is structurally impossible (but tricky?). However this is confusing to many people, so to simplify the 3D illusion, I have decided to remove the pillars. So in future pics the pillars will be gone..da-dah! Cheers, Brian.

Another few hours playing in the sun with paint and brush; the colours and details emerge.

Eumundi 3D 13/01/10

Another day in the sun and the picture develops. Should have the main areas blocked out then I'll ready to put in some detail.

3D Continues at Eumundi 11/01/10

After a few days delay due to rain, the project continues.
A few areas blocked in and some more details added, and the picture begins to emerge.
So far so good, I will keep you this space.
Cheers, Brian


Hi to all those who saw and asked what I am doing on the roadway at Eumundi Markets. This is progress so far on a 3D artwork that will become clearer as the work progresses. See if you can work out what it might be. There is a LOT more to be done, and I will update this blog each time. Cheers, Brian


A bit of street art to liven up the pavement at Mooloolaba over the Xmas holidays. These illusions wre painted in Acrylic so they will last for a bit longer than Chalk. Both made to look like the pavers have broken and the viewer can look through to the view beyond. If someone stands on the surfboard in the wave picture, they look like they are riding the wave.


Good Ol' Nambour came alive on December the fifth to celebrate the new streetscapes. I went along and drew a Chalk 3D hole in the new work, complete with witches hat and frog in trouble. PS; luckily no-one fell in.


End of October last year, I competed in the Festival held in Church St Parramatta. Four days of fun on the pavement in the sun with thirty or more other artists painting with chalk on canvas. The theme was "Climate Change"; my caption was "Should we be worried, or just party on while the ice goes down the Gurgler?" And at the end I won the PEOPLE'S CHOICE award. Hope you like it too.


On an area of concrete pavement outside The Mad Fish restaurant in Caloundra,I created this 3D Chalk painting to compliment the name of the restaurant. It took two full days to complete, and a week for the skin to grow back on my fingertips!