December update 9.12.12

Hi and welcome to my blog; which I am very poor at keeping up to date. My apologies, life gets busy doesn't it...!
Well apart from slowly getting the use of my shoulder back and painting many projects and schoolbus driving every week, I have moved out of the Big Pineapple. Sad to say, The 'Rainbow Cave" is no more. We tried for six months, and had fun and made many friends, but financially it was not a successful place for me.
I have now joined forces with the well-known and talented artist Michelle Pike in a shop in the MOOLOOLABA WHARF PRECINCT.
Just look for us where the SEAL STATUE sits on a bench across from UNDERWATER WORLD. We are open every day except Wednesday from 10AM till 3PM and FRI NIGHT MARKETS from 4pm till 8.30pm. I am in the shop on Tuesdays and Saturdays
Or you can phone me still on 07 54763010 or 0415839184. OR email me

AUGUST 2012, Spring is here! Some of the work I've been doing recently

Hi to all who visit here. I have recently set up shop at the "re-emerging" Big Pineapple. Yes, it is slowly coming to life again after being closed a year or more ago. I am in the "Rainbow Cave" art area downstairs, adding some colour and fun. Come and visit at the weekends and ride the famous train as well. Here are a few pics of work I have been doing, with the interruption of shoulder surgery six weeks ago. All is slowly getting back on track. Cheers from me, and hope to see you at the Pineapple.

This one sold for $590, but I can do another similar if you want

This one fo sale $590 at Big Pineapple, in my shop downstairs: the "RAINBOW CAVE"

a commission: sold

For Sale: $150

Sharkbite..for sale $150

Colours in a wave..on a surfboard. FOR SALE $590 at the big Pineapple

Coolum Beach, Acrylic, SOLD $400...will do more similar..come and look at big Pineapple

Part of a mural I did in Woombye 2001? Had to repaint the vent pipe when it was replaced recently.

repainted vent pipe

Looking like a stunned mullet after my shoulder surgery six weeks ago. Arm is starting to work again now; slow and steady recovery.

Week two after surgery; past the stunned mullet phase. Work must go on.

At play in my shop downstairs at the Big Pineapple. Come and visit on Saturdays till 1pm or Sundays till 3pm.

Come down the rainbow stairs to the "Rainbow Cave" at the Big Pineapple

The Chalk Wall in the Rainbow Cave... make your mark..

close up of creative public efforts on the chalk wall...

Charcoal life drawing; 600mmx500mm. For sale $80 unframed...I've got lots of mePastel on black paper, 600mmx500mm, for sale $100, email me:

A brush and ink life drawing..about 600mmx500mm For sale; $60

I call this one "watching the Creation" ...interpret it how you like.. Its painted in Oil on Canvas, 1500mmx1000mm

Long overdue update, April 29, 2012

Hi to all; I have been silent too long, my apologies... Life gets busy, don't it?!! Been doing many things, mainly surviving, which is good. Surfboards still being painted, a couple of mural jobs to "pretty up" bins and storeroom doors at Eumundi markets, a painting or two; some for me, some for others. And lots of school bus driving to keep the bank account happy. Times are a little quiet at present in the art scene, but there is a stirring in the air which bodes well for the future. I can now be found at The Big Pineapple on Nambour Connection road each Saturday while the Growers Market is on ( 6.30am till 1pm) I am in an Artisan Workshop area downstairs inside.. The Pineapple is being renovated and restored! New enthusiastic owners and management team have big plans for it's future, so come and visit and watch it grow, and buy some local art and produce, or join in the workshops too.

Here are some piccies of my recent work: see if I can get the correct captions under the right pic. Cheers everyone...Keep smiling :) Brian. Oh dear, too hard with the captions... you can see what they are I hope?

February already!!

Hi Evereyone;

I've been up in Darwin recently, revisiting old stomping grounds. Still love it up there: the colours, the heat, the storms, the wildlife etc. But the human population is swelling too much for my likes; even got stuck in Rush Hour traffic!... never used to be. Anyhow, back to "work" and here is my latest surfboard and a thought that came from I don't know where. Have a great day, Brian.

January update

recently painted surfboard with the owner's buggy painted to order

this little skimboard was black, so I painted a beautiful moonlight sceneto go with the black background.
Available for sale at Eumundi Markets on Saturday (except for Sat Jan 14th; I will be in Darwin)

This impressionist style work was painted in situ next to my friend Stan's lovely lillypond.

I will shortly be going to Darwin for ten days to play in "The Wet"
transmission will resume after Jan 20th! Cheers all.