New Mural

Just finished this new mural backdrop on a private pool fence. A cool beach scene with Kombi of course!

Well Howdy..been a few things happening recently. I have opened a Gallery in my little Home Town Nambour. Address is Shop 3,No 7 Howard Street. I began trading in October and going well so far. Here are some pictures of the Gallery and some recent artwork. I now do prints of my work so that they are available in different sizes and prices. Come and visit!!


Well hello all. I have found my way back to my Blog after having posted the last two posts into cyberspace somewhere else! Don't know how I did it, but nothing arrived where I intended it to; the wonders of technology mixed with a fragile brain? Here is a bit of what I have done recently. Surfboards, and also some Pavement Art done only this past weekend at the "Kenilworth Celebrates 2013" festival. Kenilworth is a beautiful little town just west of Eumundi in the scenic Sunshine Coast hinterland. There is also a painting of a frog meeting an owl, and two pics of the mural I painted at Eumundi Markets (Left half and Right half)
Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy my work; I enjoy doing it!

Time to update again.... It's SEPTEMBER already!! Been busy as ever just trying to stay afloat; lots of school bus driving and lots of painting. Here are a few recent efforts. Cheers all; enjoy life and laugh a lot. Brian

Life Drawing

A couple of my sketches from Thursday night life drawing group. Visit Maroochydore Life Drawing Group. We need a few more artists each week; numbers are down.

To Hell and Back Gulf Trip

Well hello all! Got back a week last Friday from the Great Gulf Fishing Trip all safe and in one piece! Had a ball; just absolutely love being out bush miles from the nearest habitation. No houses, no roads, no phones no anxiety, no worries; just bush and dust and wind and mozzies and flies and the moon and stars. Love it! Can't wait to "go bush" again! My sort of lifestyle, I think. We were 65km from the nearest Station homestead East of Boroloola near the Robinson River in the Northern Territory. Took 4 days drive to get there and 4 days back, about 6,000km round trip. Got well bogged once and took over 4hours to get the heavy trailer  free! 10 days at our base camp miles from anyone with our own little mangrove lined creek giving access to the big River estuary. Signs of Crocs, but only one sighting. Caught lots of fish: Barra, Jew, Mangrove Jack, Cod, Salmon, Bream, Queen and others, but only one crab sadly. Ate fresh fish every night. Painted 12 watercolours and 3 acrylic paintings. All most enjoyable.
Here are some pics. Enjoy. Cheers from me.