AUGUST 2012, Spring is here! Some of the work I've been doing recently

Hi to all who visit here. I have recently set up shop at the "re-emerging" Big Pineapple. Yes, it is slowly coming to life again after being closed a year or more ago. I am in the "Rainbow Cave" art area downstairs, adding some colour and fun. Come and visit at the weekends and ride the famous train as well. Here are a few pics of work I have been doing, with the interruption of shoulder surgery six weeks ago. All is slowly getting back on track. Cheers from me, and hope to see you at the Pineapple.

This one sold for $590, but I can do another similar if you want

This one fo sale $590 at Big Pineapple, in my shop downstairs: the "RAINBOW CAVE"

a commission: sold

For Sale: $150

Sharkbite..for sale $150

Colours in a wave..on a surfboard. FOR SALE $590 at the big Pineapple

Coolum Beach, Acrylic, SOLD $400...will do more similar..come and look at big Pineapple

Part of a mural I did in Woombye 2001? Had to repaint the vent pipe when it was replaced recently.

repainted vent pipe

Looking like a stunned mullet after my shoulder surgery six weeks ago. Arm is starting to work again now; slow and steady recovery.

Week two after surgery; past the stunned mullet phase. Work must go on.

At play in my shop downstairs at the Big Pineapple. Come and visit on Saturdays till 1pm or Sundays till 3pm.

Come down the rainbow stairs to the "Rainbow Cave" at the Big Pineapple

The Chalk Wall in the Rainbow Cave... make your mark..

close up of creative public efforts on the chalk wall...

Charcoal life drawing; 600mmx500mm. For sale $80 unframed...I've got lots of mePastel on black paper, 600mmx500mm, for sale $100, email me:

A brush and ink life drawing..about 600mmx500mm For sale; $60

I call this one "watching the Creation" ...interpret it how you like.. Its painted in Oil on Canvas, 1500mmx1000mm


Anonymous said...

HI MATE, DID YOU DO YOUR SHOULDER IN FALLING DOWN THE RAINBOW STAIRS? Or was it during the shark attacks while you were balancing on your surf board. An exciting existance all round. Regards Mal

brian tisdall said...

Actually Mal, I landed heavily while flying over the rainbow trying to get away from the sharks. Cheers B

Anonymous said...

Hi Brian
I came to see your blog after after I noticed your URL written below your pavement art in a 2010 Eumundi Carnival photo. Very nice variety of artwork you've done. I especially like your life drawing work (I can appreciate it as I do life drawing as well). And your murals. Oh and your landscapes too. Actually everything.

I'll have to try stop in at the Rainbow Cave sometime.

Hope your shoulder is now repaired.